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Why Entrepreneurs Need To Be Like My Wife, Jamie

I’ve financed over 200 businesses in my career – the vast majority being emerging growth technology companies that are trying to solve difficult problems. A day in the life of any entrepreneur can be euphemistically called ‘challenging.’ The challenges that I’ve heard so far this week include: (keep in mind that it’s only Tuesday morning)

  1. I wonder if the sales people padded their sales pipelines because they were afraid they’d lose their jobs – and I’ll have to report to the board that I’ll miss the quarter.
  2. Are the prospects really interested in the product or am I fooling myself?
  3. I can’t get the (multiple choice: board, customer, supplier, employees, etc.) to have the same sense of urgency that I have. People move too slowly.
  4. I’m out of cash, again.


Entrepreneurs tackle jobs that most rationale people would shun. They deserve enormous credit. When faced with the inevitable challenges, people react in different ways. I’m curious how most people would have reacted to the following sequence of events described in an excerpt from an email from Jamie: (Hanna is our 4 year old).

“So first let me start with I’m laughing!  The dog went poop in the kitchen.  I go to flush it and yup you guessed it, the toilet is broken (the handle was snapped), so I open the top and try to send it along that way and the paper got stuck so I had a backup.  In the mean time, Hanna comes in and asks if I can read her a book.  

It all worked out but we will need a new toilet and new dog.  Heehee”

How many people would have started that email with “So first let me start with I’m laughing?” Not many would be my guess. Entrepreneurs need over-developed senses of humor. It may not change the business outcome ….but you’ll be a lot more fun to be around.

BTW, if you are an entrepreneur and are raising capital, give me a call. I’ve got money burning a hole in my pocket.


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