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A Sense of Urgency – in August

August is a time when many people take some time off with their families. The world seems to slow down for everyone …except entrepreneurs. In my experience, entrepreneurs’ collective blood pressure rises in August. It’s the disconnect between their own sense of urgency and the rest of the world being at the beach. My personal blood pressure is through the roof and I’ve got it easy compared to most of my clients. Here are a few thoughts to make August more productive or at least tolerable:

1. Resist the temptation to believe that everyone is on vacation – Sure everyone takes a couple of weeks off but that leaves them at their desks for 8 weeks, generally bored and more receptive to meeting with you.

2. My lack of planning doesn’t create your emergency – If we are forced to slow down, let’s at least be thoughtful about what we can accomplish and plan for success. There is never enough time for strategic thinking and planning – now is that time whether we like it or not.

3. Do a rough time study – look at what you’ve spent time on over the last quarter. Now compare that to what you’ve accomplished. If you’re like most people, you probably wasted 50% of your time on projects or deals that didn’t materialize. At a minimum, you could have worked less hard for poor results. With a little analysis, most people can stop doing one or two unproductive things and get more done in less time.

4. When all else fails, open the emergency door, extend the emergency ramp and grab a couple of beers – life is too short to wait for the exits.

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