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Still taking notes with yellow pad of paper?

In some business circles, have you noticed that more people are taking notes with Ipads than with yellow pads of paper lately? Even if you don’t have an IPad, there are some compelling reasons why I believe many of you will start taking digital notes within the next 6 months. Click Here to see the amazing growth rate of a free online service called Evernote. They’ve added a million users in the last 83 days and their growth is accelerating. Why take digital notes instead of paper? Here are some reasons (some silly – some practical and real).

1. The illusion of manners – if you type on a Blackberry in a meeting, everyone assumes you are rude and checking email. If you are typing on an IPad, they assume you are taking notes. Real manners are better of course.

2. Storage – most of us take notes and then throw them out at the end of the day. Maybe we’ve completed everything on the list – maybe we haven’t. Six months later someone will ask us about an idea that we had and we struggle to remember the details. If we’ve stored them on Evernote, we can find them. Even if we save those yellow pieces of paper in a file, we’ll probably never go back to them.

3. Search – online notes on Evernote are searchable. You can search by date or any word in any note. It’s lightening fast and it works well.

4. Ease of Use – My penmanship is awful – it’s the only subject that I got an “F” in grade school. I still have nightmares about those nuns. I type fast – and I can read it afterwards.

5. Access – I can access my digital notes anywhere – on my work pc, my phone, an IPad (if Jamie gets me one for Christmas – not likely). I can read them from home if I want.

6. It’s not just for written notes. I can take screen shots of web pages, email myself photos to store, save attachments.

7. Sharing – you can email your notes to other people if they’re digital.

8. Trees – we need them

Some of my recent notes on the economy:

You’ll want to take careful notes on lessoned learned in the economic downturn. Lately, I’m hearing anecdotal evidence of an economic recovery. Mercedes dealerships are swamped with new customers, the fed is printing free money, customer orders are rising and it seems to me that people are getting back to productive work. Loan demand is increasing to fund growth. The supply of capital is expanding as investors see positive signs and are eager to put money to work.

If you’re not having fun, my advice is that you start real soon because it doesn’t get any better than this.

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