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Powerful people in my life

I interact with titans of technology and industry on a daily basis. I’ve financed over 30 businesses that have done successful IPO’s or large strategic sales. Even as we speak, I’m reviewing business plans from entrepreneurs working to change the world. Last night I had dinner with a woman that already has.

I could write about each of the wonderful people at dinner last night but today is Linda’s turn in the spotlight…a reluctant spotlight at that. Linda spends her days working diligently at Silicon Valley Bank. She’s assigned to help the VC’s – some of the most demanding clients in the bank – not that she is complaining because she seldom does. Linda does important work on and off the job and she does it with grace and humor. As my mom would say, “Linda is a peach.”

SVB let’s Linda have a flexible schedule – Linda cares for her disabled twin sister in what others would use as spare time. Her sister was perfectly happy and healthy until a medical tragedy in her early adult life, causing her to need full-time medical care. Linda would be mad at me if I described her sister’s needs as a ‘burden’ – She’d say that she is lucky and proud to do what she does. The weight of Linda’s responsibilities would crush a mere mortal.

She inspires Jamie and me and has helped our family in ways that only the most intimate of my family and friends are aware. I could (and will) write about her husband, Steve in a future post – as Jamie’s Dad described him, Steve is an inspiration…but today’s spotlight belongs to Linda 🙂 …and no, I don’t care that you don’t want the recognition.


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