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Never call your voicemail again…really!

One of the cool things about the venture debt business is that I’m constantly exposed to new technological innovations. When I see one that is particularly novel or helpful, I share it on occasion. Here’s my latest ‘Tim’s Tech Tips’…

Most people have multiple voicemail accounts (home, work, cell, etc.). You have to check each one manually depending upon which number your caller happened to call. Sometime people leave multiple messages just to make sure you got the message. Each voice-mailbox has different commands for playing a message, deleting etc. It can really drive you crazy when listening to a long voicemail when all you really want is their phone number so you can call back. Today all of that changes.

Google Voicemail makes it very easy to streamline and merge your different voicemail boxes. Just go to

The service has been around for quite a while. It’s hardly news today. What is news today is that they’ve got the voice transcription down to a science in recent weeks. I’ve got my cell phone and office voicemail numbers into the system. When you leave a message on either line, I get an email with a transcript of the call. If I want to click on the audio file, it will play me the message. I don’t have them automatically deleted after two weeks like my Verizon Wireless voicemail. I can save them forever. In fact, I don’t need to check voicemail ever again…I just read my email.

Sign up for Google Voicemail (not Google Voice unless you want to pay a hefty termination fee on your cell phone bill). You’ll need a gmail account to get started. You can have gmail automatically forward all messages to your primary email account. If you need a hand, just let me know.


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