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How’s that PC running?

It’s time for another session of Tim’s Tech Tips. Here are a few routine maintenance items to keep your PC running quickly and safely. After you’ve done your PC tuneup, please let me know how things are running by commenting below:

1. Malware: I know you’ve all got anti-virus software installed so you are protected, right? Wrong! go to to download free malware software and run the scan. You’ll be surprised what you find. Price: zippo, nada, zilch

2. Fixing registry keys: This one is going to give you a big payoff… It fixes your registry keys and significantly speeds your PC performance. This version is for XP but you’ll see other versions for windows 7 etc. Price: free – you can buy me a coffee at Dunkin Donuts if you feel the need to pay (medium decaf, dark, no sugar)

3. Defrag: click ‘Start’; ‘all programs’; ‘accessories’; ‘system tools’; ‘defragment’ and follow the instructions. Price: pick me up a chocolate frosted while you’re there 🙂

You’ll have your PC humming in no time and I’ll have enough coffee and donuts to keep me going back to the gym for a month! Please leave your tips and reactions in the comments section or on Facebook. If you’re in the cool people club, you can follow me on Twitter @toloughlin


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One thought on “How’s that PC running?

  1. Tim-
    Thanks for this. I knew about them both but you forced me to DO SOMETHING. BIG HELP!

    Posted by Veda Clark | July 27, 2011, 1:15 pm

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