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The Neighborhood Experience

At about 7PM this evening, I saw the neighbor’s children and their grandmother searching through our backyard. This evening’s game of Uno quickly transformed into our neighborhood version of America’s Most Wanted. Mr. Tinker was on the loose…one of the neighborhood newly quaffed rodents masquerading as a wee bit of a dog was on the lam. The little s*cker picked dusk for an evening romp in the woods…amidst the foxes, skunks and the other various and sundry suburban hazards.

In less than the time that it takes Willow to scarf a recalcitrant turkey tip from my kitchen floor, the neighborhood watch sprang into action. Gaggles of little girls and a bevy of little boys swarmed the neighborhood in search of Mr. Tinker, the aptly named little p*ss pot. Their dedication to the cause was directly proportional to their love of animals and their aversion to bed-time baths.

By my estimate, there were 25 neighbors in the quest to save Mr. Tinker braving mosquito bites and poison ivy and other uncounted perils. We rode bicycles, hiked through the woods and made some of the most imaginative squeaky noises ever uttered in search of a family pet or stepping on a loose floor board. Mr. Tinker’s whereabouts remained elusive. Hopes in the adults faded as the sky grew darker and strategies morphed from ‘search and rescue’ to distraction.

I’m happy to report that this evening’s efforts resulted in Medfield’s version of a ‘happy ending’ without the usual gentleman’s toll at the Medfield Nail Salon. Mr. Tinker’s bladder and the neighborhood are now thoroughly relieved. I learned something about my neighbors this evening. The past winter’s sunami of snowfall and this summer’s myriad of mosquitoes are worth it…all is good in 02052.


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