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“A Tale of Two Storms” or “Why Are ALL These Men Shaving Naked”

In the antediluvian aftermath of Irene, people seem to fall into two distinct camps: 1) “Boy they really over-hyped that storm”; or 2) “Thank God it wasn’t worse.” Here’s a summary of some comments from folks in the first camp:

1. NYC resident: boy it’s drizzling like mad out there.

2. We should stop searching for Gadhafi and start searching for Irene. Editorial request: I wish there were a consistent spelling of Gadhafi (or Gaddifi or Qadhafi) in the media.

3. I’m glad we lost power so I don’t have to watch that video with the Governor of NJ again

In the ‘Thank God it wasn’t worse’ camp, my daughter’s house suffered the loss of four huge oak trees in the span of about 15 minutes – fortunately none hit their house. That snapping sound sends chills down your spine. They have no electricity and no water but they’re doing fine. The Globe reports that 700,000 residents are without power including yours truly. On my ride to work this morning, about half of the traffic lights were working. Many side roads were closed with downed wires and trees.

I was delighted to see the lights on at the gym this morning. Not only could I do my usual workout but I could take a well-deserved shower. The gym was crowded this morning – not the treadmills or the weight room. The locker room was crowded with men who came just to have a hot shower. I didn’t recognize most of them but there they were shaving at the long line of sinks …all of them except one was buck naked. The gym offers towels that are just a smidgen smaller than a bandana so for most today’s bumper crop of shavers, the towel around the waist formality was a shear impossibility. One particularly resourceful man tucked the towel under his belly to create a makeshift loin cloth. Unfortunately, there was no similar system for the rear view mirror.

Being without power is a test of one’s preparatory skills and sense of humor. By the 137th time that Hanna asked if she could watch “My Little Pony” on my cell phone with the dead battery, my neck began an involuntary twitch. We did enjoy playing games and reading together. The food always seems to taste better in a storm with the possible exception of the raw garlic laced pasta that I had pre-storm at the Horse and Carriage. That meal gave new meaning to the phrase ‘mandatory evacuation.’

BTW, No one took my up on this weekend’s Groupon offer: 50% off this weekend stay at our cape house. One more day without power and I’ll encourage the girls to abandon ship and head to Falmouth. I’ll muddle along with my new friends at the gym.


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One thought on ““A Tale of Two Storms” or “Why Are ALL These Men Shaving Naked”

  1. Au contraire, Sir. I did respond to your invitation. I would have been there in a rhode island second if you had mentioned it before I left for california. So, next storm. I’m right there.

    Posted by Elise O. | August 29, 2011, 12:59 pm

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