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Presentation Counts

I’ve seen two examples of superior presentations this week: one in the form of a VC website and one in an investor PowerPoint. Getting your message out is critical and yet most of us (including me) do a pretty miserable job of it. When I see something outstanding like I did this week, I feel compelled to write about it. There is an art and a science to getting your message out and both of these examples nailed it.

Case #1: First Round Capital’s website doesn’t look like a typical VC website. Check it out here… The first thing you notice is a live Twitter stream with all of the partners and principals contributing updates. The ‘call to action’ is clear: follow us on Twitter and read our blogs. This type of immediate engagement gets the website viewer engaged in the conversation immediately. You get a sense of who they are and what they are thinking and doing. It’s elegant, effective and unavoidable. That’s part of the reason that they have the highest traffic count of all venture funds in the US – 41% higher than the venerable Sequoia and almost triple Kleiner Perkins.

Case #2 will be a future blog post: Investor PowerPoint by a prospective client (names withheld to protect the innocent and my deal flow): After I win the deal, I’ll name the company and give them the appropriate shout-out. I see several investor presentations. Most are reasonably effective at getting the message across but few really nail it. This week I saw one that did. I’m happy to give you deets in private but for now, I’m holding back till I win the deal.

Random Thought Out of Left Field: Do you think Scott Brown should have apologized to Elizabeth Warren for his remark about being glad that she didn’t undress to pay for school?

Was it just good humor or did he cross a line?


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