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Sudden Cardiac Arrest

I was wondering whether or not to get a home defibrillator? At $1,200 they’re certainly not cheap but in the event it was needed, it might be the bargain of a lifetime. There’s a defibrillator at the gym and many people have them in the office. Of the 325,000 sudden cardiac arrests that occur every year in the US, 80% take place at home. Of these, only 8% survive with the first symptom of cardiac troubles being death…not very encouraging. Last month, Kara Kennedy (Teddy’s daughter) died of sudden cardiac arrest at the tender age of 51. She was known as an athlete and had just finished a swim at the gym. I’m 49 and I love working out…all right, I don’t love working out…I love donuts but I work out because I’ve got a hot younger wife. I’d like to stay around a long time so I can enjoy myself and my family.

Action Counts: Survival rates drop by roughly 10% for every minute that goes by without defibrillation or CPR being performed. Consumer Reports says that defibrillators are roughly as effective as CPR but many people don’t have CPR training. Sudden cardiac arrest isn’t the same thing as a heart attack. A heart attack is a plumbing problem where a blockage causes part of the heart to die. Sudden cardiac arrest is an electrical signal problem that causes the heart to stop beating. It could be caused by a heart attack or other causes. This concludes amateur hour for my MD research.

I’m going to sign up for a CPR course. I hope my partners at work do the same. I hope their partners at home do too. Jamie has already signed up. If you don’t sign up for a CPR course, please consider shelling out the $1,200 for a home or office defibrillator and make sure everyone knows how to use it.


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