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Pixable…the evolution of photo sharing

When most people go to Facebook they want to see updates from their friends. One of the most engaging parts of Facebook is seeing photographs of where your friends have travelled, their families, etc. Our friends at Highland Capital and Menlo Ventures have funded a new startup called Pixable that takes photo sharing to the next level. Pixable aggregates photos from several different sources like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Twitter and then uses a software algorithm to put the most relevant photos first. It knows who you interact with the most, who is in your vicinity, whose FB posts you like, etc. No one wants to miss an important photo from a close friend or relative. Think of it as a Pinterest for your friends photos. It’s is amazingly addictive with the average user going to the IPhone app 11 times per month. There is no app for Android devices. (Note to Google: if you don’t figure out a way to get developers to write Android apps faster, you’re toast…just saying.)

The company got started in an MIT dorm room in 2009 and is based in the SOHO district of NYC. It looks like it launched last year and already has over 1.3 million monthly users. I wonder how long it’ll be before Facebook buys it. Disclaimer: Eastward doesn’t have any capital in the deal but I wish we did. The photo above is the wedding party for my daughter’s (beautiful girl in yellow dress) upcoming wedding and was correctly ranked as the most important picture of the week by Pixable.

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