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Top Android Apps of the Week

With over 450,000 apps available on the Android Market, it’s tough for most people to sort through them all and find the best ones. Here are a few that I’ve added recently…

Dr Mole uses the camera on your phone to take a snapshot of moles on your skin to assess the risk that its cancerous. There’s a big disclaimer that it doesn’t diagnose skin cancer – it just measures asymmetry, border irregularity and color irregularity. Those are risk factors for skin cancer. If you find a mole that has high risk factors, you should see a dermatologist.

Google Sky is an app for star gazers and any Dad that has ever been asked to identify a constellation or star in the sky. The app uses your GPS to identify your location and the phone’s leveling software to know which stars are in the sky above you. It doesn’t use the camera to identify stars which will be obvious to anyone who turns the app on inside the house – it still works there.

Eventbrite is used by many people who organize conferences. The corresponding app lets you see your upcoming events, get directions and go paperless with a barcode or QR code electronic ticket.

Groundlink is a app that lets you order a car service which I occasionally use when I travel for business. The app uses the GPS in the phone to know where you are to be picked up. It stores your credit card information so there’s no need to pay the driver when he drops you off.

Grubhub enables the online ordering of food for pickup or take-out. It stores your preferences and credit card information so that you can order food effortlessly. The restaurant coverage is much better in Boston than in the burbs but there are still plenty of choices for everyone. The app knows who is open now, restaurants that offer delivery and cuisine type.

If you’ve got an App that you love, please send me an email or comment below.

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One thought on “Top Android Apps of the Week

  1. Thanks for the great app ideas, Tim. I had never heard of GrubHub, I’m going to check if they cover my area when I get home tonight. I would like to recommend the Dish Remote Access app. It has become my absolute favorite since I discovered it. On the weekends I like to meet a coworker from Dish down at the lake for a little fishing. I bring the tablet along so we can watch the Rockies game live. It’s kind of awesome having my full satellite service with me anywhere I go.

    Posted by Hunter | May 7, 2012, 11:06 pm

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