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Cool feature on LinkedIn Mobile

I always learn something interesting when I meet with Travis Drouin from MFA. Yesterday’s lunch was no exception. You’ve no doubt had the experience of waiting in a restaurant lobby to have lunch with someone you’ve never met. As each new guest enters the lobby, you can always hear one or two people guess their name in the hopes that their lunch partner has arrived. Most of us go through a few false starts until we finally make the right connection. It can be even more embarrassing when you are meeting someone that you already know but haven’t seen in quite a while. Enter the LNKD mobile app. Many people will look up someone’s profile on the LNKD mobile app to see a photograph of them to ease the restaurant lobby roulette game. LNKD made a very nice improvement recently to their mobile app. Instead of looking up someone’s profile, just click on the upper right hand corner of the app (The calendar icon which is set to October 23’rd in the above screen shot). That automatically pulls up your calendar with the LNKD profile picture of anyone you’ve scheduled an appointment with via a calendar invite (provided their email is linked to their business email address – most are). With one click, you’ll see your daily calendar including photos of the people you’ll meet…making greeting them a little easier and getting the meeting off on the right foot.

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