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The X-ray that turned my world upside down

Let me start by saying ‘she’s fine.’

Jamie (beautiful bride with remarkably low standards in men) called the office last week to tell me that her routine annual physical was anything but routine. It was one of those calls that you never expect and turns your world upside down in an instant. The X-ray showed an ‘adulterated lucent lesion’ on one of her ribs and the radiologist recommended a CT scan to check into it. If you type ‘lucent lesion’ into your search engine of choice, you’ll be promptly brought to a variety of sites that will educate you on bone cancer. Within 24 hours of research, I’m reasonably confident that I could identify 11 types of cancerous lesions from biopsy slides – all terrifying and lethal. To make matters worse, the location of the lesion and her age narrowed the list down to the lesion being a likely metastasized lesion as a secondary condition associated with another form of cancer that had spread (lung, liver and thyroid cancers were the most likely).

Jamie had done her own independent Google searches and she told me that she was very concerned. I lied and said that it was probably benign (they’re almost never benign and even if they are, they likely turn cancerous later). My commitment to optimism was severely tested and I’ll admit that for the majority of last week, I was faking it. Jamie’s Mom had died of a rare form of cancer in her early 60’s and her Dad followed shortly thereafter despite being an accomplished athlete. I was scared out of my mind – I couldn’t imagine Hanna and me living without her. Things that last week seemed important quickly fell off the priority list and breathing took a conscious effort. As I concentrated on each subsequent breath, Hanna was blissfully unaware as preparations began for her 7th birthday celebration.

I’ll skip the medical details but on Thursday evening we celebrated the welcome news that the CT scan didn’t confirm the Radiologist’s suspicion. I’m very thankful for my frivolous priority list returning to work today. Hold your loved ones a bit tighter today.


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  1. Love you

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    Posted by Jamie | March 18, 2013, 11:49 am

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