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Gratitude with a Side of Pumpkin Pie

​​​​​For each of the past 21 years, the good people at TD Garden through their philanthropic arm, Garden Neighborhood Charities host a Thanksgiving celebration to feed the homeless of Boston. Mayor Marty Walsh and Police Commissioner Evans were among an army of volunteers to serve 1,200 pounds of turkey, 1,000 pounds of stuffing, and 40 gallons of gravy to the city’s most vulnerable. The event benefits Boston’s Housing First Initiative through Friends of Boston’s Homeless. Many of you know the love of my life, Jamie who is the Event Coordinator for Friends. Being married to Jamie includes innumerable benefits including volunteer opportunities for me at Friends.

The most striking thing about the afternoon was the pervasive and universal feeling of gratitude and goodwill amongst the volunteers and guests. Gratitude is one of those phenomena that straddle the line between cognitive thought and pure emotion. Being grateful is a decision that dispels all negativity; it’s impossible to feel greedy, self-centered, angry, or hurt when you are grateful. Volunteers were grateful for the opportunity to serve and guests were grateful for a brief respite and a warm meal. While troubles didn’t disappear, they took a back seat as smiles were plentiful and effortless.

In the picture above, you can see our very own Dennis Cameron busing tables as a few remaining guests enjoyed their pumpkin pie desserts and live band music – there was no time for photo ops in the midst of the action earlier in the day. I hope each of you enjoys the Thanksgiving holiday and takes some time to marinade in a spirit of gratitude. Eat some turkey and pumpkin pie too – you’ve earned it!

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