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Miss Amazing and a Still Life Study of a Pear

On March 25th, 2017 you will have an opportunity to witness a showcase of talent and grace at the annual Massachusetts Miss Amazing Event at Medfield High School. The pageant is dedicated to building self-esteem in young women with disabilities; every contestant deserves and receives a crown. You can learn more about them here…

The event is run by an army of accomplished and over-achieving students from Medfield including the Directors, Lucy Nealon, and Chloe Rogan. When you go, it will be a challenge to discern who is most impacted by the process, the talented contestants or their loving and supportive volunteer champions. You might consider packing some extra tissues; don’t say I didn’t warn you.

At the event, you will have a chance to purchase a raffle ticket to win one of my paintings. My paintings are not available commercially; the only way to add my work to your collection is through charity auctions and raffles. This still life study of a pear is done in oil on panel and measures 14” X 16” framed. Still life paintings and this one in particular are a challenge because they depict a  deceptively simple subject that might not garner someone’s attention in real life – this study uses vantage point and color to unlock the subject’s beauty for all to see. You can see why I was inspired to paint it for this particular cause. I’ll see you there.


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